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Office Space

We know how difficult it is to set up office space for a Small Business so we are offering part of our office space, which is currently set up for Bookkeepers or Small Business owners, to utilize business resources.

Rentals of office space or work space/stations are by the day, week, or month. This allows for flexibility.
Perhaps you only require space, for a couple of days or a week or two, to get that special project done as you do not have the resources in one place to assist you.
You are looking at renting office space on a permanent basis but you are not sure if this is the right solution for you, rent office space for a few months to see if it will work for you.

What do you get for your money?
Access to desktop computer (if required)
Access to unlimited high-speed internet, photocopying, printing- colour or black and white, letter and legal.
Access to kitchen with frig, microwave, Canadian Springs water, etc.
Access to server for remote access capabilities, from anywhere and backups are automatic. (additional fees are required)

We are currently reviewing a virtual desktop access solution. What does that mean, it is basically your current desktop in the cloud, which you can access from anywhere and backups are never an issue. (additional fees are required)
Mostly a great work space with services already in place, and collaboration.

Our offices are fully protected with an alarm system. Please contact us for further information on rates and availability.

Please note: Space is limited.

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