You are required by law to keep records of all your transactions to support your income and expense claims. New small business owners often try (in vain) to stay on top of their bookkeeping themselves. Oftentimes, they think that doing it themselves will keep their expenses low. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect. The business and the owner suffer because of that decision. It is much more costly to recover from this than to have hired a professional bookkeeper at the beginning. A bookkeeper is one of your best investments. Think of it this Way If you do not keep the necessary information and you do not have any other proof, CRA will determine your income using other methods. They will also disallow expenses you deducted if you are unable to support them. How much do you charge for your service? All the time you spend bookkeeping, is time spent NOT earning that rate. Bookkeeping is usually less per hour than your hourly rate. Give us the books (we’re good at them) and you can use your time to build your business, because that is what you do best. We can save you money by:

  • Negotiating optimum payment terms with your vendors
  • Following your finances – so you don’t overdraw, pay late, or pay unnecessary fees, duplicate payments.
  • Following up with customers – so invoices are paid on time
  • Recommending saving plans, payroll initiatives, and tax incentives to improve your bottom line
  • Providing an up-to-date income statement monthly – so you can make more informed decisive business decisions
  • Managing cash flow and keeping you in check
  • Setting up and processing payroll
  • Liaising with your accountant to make sure that you’re on track for the year ahead
  • and much more…

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