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Next Steps in My Business ReBuild

As I stated in a previous blog post, I am rebuilding my business and this is the next installment of that process. I am still waiting for the web person to update the website with a bit of a new look, and in the meantime I am developing more services as I educate myself more in today’s current business environment. The business knowledge I started the business with does not apply any longer and if I want to survive and grow, I must look at how my business is going to integrate with the current “New Factory Thinkers”…….
Yes, I used that quote before in a previous post and it is more prevalent today. What have I been up to, to accomplish my daunting task, let me tell you.

For the past three years I have attended Colin Sprake’s, Make Your Mark, Business Excellence three day Seminars. I didn’t glean too much from the first couple of years. The only thing I signed up for was to be trained to have my own podcasts (was not cheap). However, I put other’s needs first and did not complete the training. This past year he (Colin Sprake, Make Your Mark) had some excellent speakers and great value prices for the first time commitments such as Rule #1 Investing. This intrigued me (invest smartly and watch it grow) so I signed up for it. It also gave me an idea for a new revenue stream for the business. I will be taking the three day course this weekend, starting October 20th. The reason, Phil Town, Rule #1 Investing, definitely hit all the buttons that told me he was definitely genuine and value pricing was too hard to resist. I will keep you all posted after the course.

I have also attended another 2 hour seminar, by Colin Sprake, (at his cost) and was given more value pricing (very cheap) for another event called “Business Mastery, The Power in You”!. Since I was in the market for solutions to my business moving forward, I jumped at this one. The event was three days and I competed it last week. It ran from Oct 11-13, 2017. I invested my time to do this as I was somewhat convinced that I could gain some new perspectives on how to accomplish my goal.

This three day event (Business Mastery, The Power in You) is one of the best I have attended and I have attended a few similar events. My biggest hurtle is to “get out of my own head” and this is addressed that in this event to the max…….. Am I totally there yet? NO, it takes diligence and commitment on your part to ensure that what you have learned from this whole process you carry forward with a whole new “Mind Set” on how to accomplish your goals. Even the meaning of that word “goals” has changed for me. They are now my “achievements” yet to be completed!!! I am very thrilled at the new challenges that will be coming my way.

To continue my education, I have signed up for Make Your Mark Elite Package. This is not cheap……however…..the return on investment is huge. I have not invested in myself in a very long time and this needs to be done, now not later.

I have also joined Make Your Mark Ambassador program which gives me free tickets for distribution to upcoming events, please contact me if you are interested in tickets. I am very grateful to Colin and his team!!!

I am very, very grateful for Chenine Humphries and The Bookkeeper’s Connection Network, as well. I now have two great networks for support, education and resources that will allow me to succeed in my business. This makes me very, very happy!!!!

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