We’re number crunchers with a kick!

We might crunch numbers for a living, but we’re not your stereotypical bookkeepers. We’re not nerdy recluses who only file papers and write cheques. We’re your behind-the-scenes business partners and we get intense gratification from helping our clients transition out the red and into the black.

Jacquie Johnston, CEO

Jacquie is a Registered Professional Bookkeeper. She has a BA in Business Administration and 30+ years bookkeeping experience, knowledge, and further education. She is Vice-President and member in good standing of the Canadian Bookkeepers Association, a Simply Accounting Partner and QuickBooks Pro Advisor. She also sits on the PAC for Ashton College.  Jacquie has a passion for helping small businesses prosper and her clients reach their goals one balanced set of books at a time.   Her Professional Bookkeeping style is very detail oriented and strives to give all businesses the “personal touch” to ensure sustainability in that business in moving forward.  View LinkedIn Profile

Michelle Kinakin, COO

Michelle is a Certified Management Accountant with 25+ years of experience. She sits on the Board of the BC Lymphedema Association. Michelle’s compassionate approach to client service comes from an inherent understanding of what it’s like to try to “do it all” – she’s a small business owner and single mom of 3 children. So she knows a thing or two about work-life balance and putting the financial tools in place to make sure your business survives and thrives without impeding on your home life. View LinkedIn Profile.